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Post by ltsang on Fri May 29, 2009 3:50 am

[same message sent via email sent on 29/05/2009, 10:46am]

Dear all,

You may be informed from the news or from your school about the outbreak of Swine Flu in Victoria.

We have been informed that Melbourne Girls College (the College) was closed yesterday after students tested positive in Swine Flu. Girls from the College are advised to stay at home and have minimal contact outside of their homes until the school reopens on Friday 5 June.

It means that Sophia, Alex and Maddie cannot attend our meeting at the moment.

Citipower/Powercor has also issued instruction to ask girls from the College to stay home and stop attending YAA meetings at Market St until the school reopens.

The rest of us will carry on our weekly YAA meeting as normal. However, all students and mentors should be reminded not to attend meetings whilst they are exhibiting ‘flu like symptoms’.

Although Sophia, Alex and Maddie cannot attend the meetings, they can continue to contribute using forum, emails and phone/SMS. It is important for all of us to support them during this period.

Felix/ Darren, please check your emails in insigniya40@gmail.com and the forum regularly to include suggestions/ideas/comments from the girls. Their ideas are very important to us.

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