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Post by Shelby on Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:04 am

This is copied from the exact e-mail I sent everyone a few minutes ago:

Hey everyone!

I've recieved word that we cannot use Maddie's house this Saturday. Thankyou Maddie for letting us know and giving us enough time to find somewhere else Smile Right now our main concern is finding somewhere to make the wallets this week-end. I already asked my mum if we could do it at mine, but she said no. If ANYONE has a house we can use please conact be ASAP on 041337638, or via msn or e-mail even if I'm not online I'll get back to you. Please check your phones often, when we find somewhere to go I will txt AND e-mail everyone. Hopefully see all of you on saturday!

<33 Shelby

We REALLY need somewhere to go on Saturday, so if you know of anywhere PLEASE contact me this is super important!


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