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Manufacturing, Packaging, Geelong Expo Empty Manufacturing, Packaging, Geelong Expo

Post by Akio on Wed Aug 05, 2009 9:40 am

Hey guys,

First off, good work at the board meeting on Tuesday, it wasn't perfect but it went alright. We just have to be better prepared next time.

Soon Li (template) and Steph (design) finalised the packaging last night, and I handed in the blue and red rawr!ets with the packaging to Emma today. She loved the packaging, good work guys. I've attached photos of the packaging for you guys to see. (email attachments)
She also recommended that we send a free product to Hugo Armstrong (Corporate Affairs dude) so manufacturing make sure you get some good quality wallets made this Saturday.

For manufacturing this Saturday these are the people I have listed who said they can go:

* Emma
* Alex P (Sewing Machine)
* Sophia (Sewing Machine, I think)
* Tali
* Shelby (Sewing Machine)
* Johno (Sewing Machine)
* Alex R
* Eddie
* Sharmaine

Please confirm if this list is correct, or if I have forgotten you, we need as many people as possible especially if you have a sewing machine. Manufacturing is at Johno's house this week in Bentley, on the Frankston line. From 10:30 onwards, be there as early as possible. Our goal was to produce at least 40 wallets by Geelong Expo. @Johno: Make sure you send out an email to confirm information.

The people I have listed for the Geelong Expo:

* Maggie
* Jin
* Lee
* Steven
* Karen Yuen (HR)
* Darren
* Sophia
* Tali
* Shelby
* Sharmaine
* Soon Li

Please confirm if this list is correct and you can go, or if I've forgotten you, the more people we have helping out the better.
We are meeting at 8:00 at Southern Cross Station DON'T BE LATE. The train for Geelong leaves around 8:30 and there are only 2 in the morning. We arrive at around 9:30 then walk to the uni, where we take a shuttle bus to the other campus (where the expo is). We should arrive at around 10:00.

Things for expo:

* Posters (Steph and Evelyn work out some posters with Expo team, we have a whole backboard so we can separate info or fill the entire board with separate A4/A3 sheets making a huge design?)
* Rawr!ets (Manufacturing make sure you get 40 good quality wallets done this Saturday)
* Packaging (Soon Li we need enough for 40 wallets =] by Sunday)
* Petty cash (Lee has taken $50, make sure you exchange it for small change and notes)
* Sales Training (Soon Li make sure you're reading to train 10 people on the train this Sunday)

Stay focused and work hard this week, stop being lazy (for Insigniya, don't worry about school =P). The more effort you put in, the more you get out of it. We've got alot of work to do. [Honour the work, and the work shall honour you] lmao

Darren Lee


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