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Post by Akio on Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:27 pm

Fellow Insignisaurs,

First off well done to the Geelong Expo team for such an amazing job on Sunday, many improvements to our approach can be made, and I believe with a more aggressive sales strategy we can achieve a high sales target for the Melbourne Expo. Just a few reminders for the week, I have probably already discussed this with you:

* Dinosaur costume and tails (Tali) - 15 more tails + 3 for breakdancers
* Money box, stock cards, receipt books (Finance Team) - We didn't have an effective way to record sales and stock or store money at Geelong. Please organise this.
* Laptop and speakers - We will need 1 or 2 laptops on the day and some good speakers (Tom said he could provide a 2.1 system). These need to be tested and tagged to comply with OH&S regulations. Lu could you please organise this.
* Badges (Maddie) - 40 badges need to be done this week, get the designs from Junou and show them to me to confirm before you print them.
* T-Shirts (Soon Li) - 13 more WHITE t-shirts + 5 BLACK t-shirts for the breakdancers.
* Packaging (Soon Li) - At least 60 additional units of packaging, use 300-400GSM paper.
* Shifts for Expo (Eskaf) - These will be organised with specifics if I can get a map of the hall/plan from Emma.
* Reimbursement - I know some people still have to be reimbursed, Soon Li and Tali please bring receipts next week so we can organise everyone to pay you for Shirts and Tails.
* Shareholder list (Maggie) - I'm thinking of having our next shareholder's board meeting the Tuesday following the Melbourne Expo, this way we can report on the activities and accomplishments of the two expos. I the full list of shareholders plus emails.
* Manufacturing (Shelby & Co) - You guys have a hardcore week ahead, I'm sure you've talked to the Sales team about how many you plan on making, what colours, ect. Those who have sewing machines/can sew, please email/text/call/msn me. Shelby will be on camp this week.
* Facebook (EVERYONE) - Everyone please become a fan of the Insigniya [Rawr!et] page and invite all your friends to it. Also invite ALL YOUR FRIENDS to the Melbourne Expo Event.
* Awards - Please check out the awards criteria page, Work hard and we can definitely win some.
* SHARES - This is actually really pathetic now, we still have outstanding shares. Those who have shares please BRING THEM BACK next week no matter what, even if they are unsold.
* Environmental Policy and Code of Ethics (Elias) - It's a bit late but we really should have had these worked out already.
* Posters (EVERYONE) - Steph has made some awesome posters to promote the Melbourne Expo, please stick these up around your school (ask permission first) and IF YOU CAN put the poster or something else into your school newsletter. Always references YAA, Citipower & Powercor, SMILE Foundation and mention our website.

Don't slack off,
Darren Lee
Managing Director, Insigniya

P.S. If you're getting this message on facebook or forum, check your email for attachments.


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