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Post by Akio on Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:29 pm

Hey everyone,

Just a few things to remind you about:
- This week it is VERY important that you stay focused and constructive. We have A LOT of work to do especially since we are running a bit behind (don't worry we'll catch up).

- Tali has already messaged everyone on facebook regarding the Business Plan, which is our NUMBER 1 objective for the week. It is due next friday on the 24th of July which means we only have a little over a week to get it done. Everyone has a part to play, especially the directors who should be working with the other members in their team (over email, msn, phone, in person, whatever) to draft and finalize their department's strategic plan.

- SHARES! Next Tuesday is the FINAL day for shares. We will not be issuing anymore shares and it is imperative that you bring back the shares with payment next Tuesday (either sell them or buy them yourself, no unsold shares next week).
I understand that some of you still haven't bought shares, under YAA rules (it's in the manual somewhere) each member of the company must own at least one share. If you have still not bought any shares either buy one from your own or email me and I'll get some for you.

- The forum seems to be down at the moment, and I've been wanting to change it for awhile. The main point of this message is the creation of a Google Groups page. Google Groups is a simpler, cleaner and more reliable way for us to have an open discussion online. You have all been sent an invite (this email), just create an account and if you have anything you want to discuss with the group create a discussion topic.

- I will send another message out during the week to check up on progress and ect.

Stay strong and work hard,
Darren Lee MD =]

P.S. No slacking off (especially sales and marketing)

UPDATE: We will stick with the forum for now...this is just the email re-created


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